Rita Pederzoli Ricci is a professional in Interior Design consultancy for residential and commercial properties.
After the degree in Interior Design Architecture, Rita carried out a research about the emotional value of spaces; her projects are characterized by the detailed customization tailored on the needs both of the client and the space.
When developing and implementing a project, Rita focuses not only on the visual impact, but also on total comfort of the elements chosen. She considers the living space as a place of poetry, which is able to captivate and stimulate harmoniously all senses.
Rita completed Interior Design and Home Staging projects for several private residences in Italy and other European Countries as well as for commercial properties in Milan, Rome, Edinburgh, Moscow, Los Angeles and Singapore.
The progress from the traditional Interior Design to the most recent Home Staging is a natural consequence of her career’s development and she is one of the first professionals to bring Home Staging techniques to Italy at the beginning of the year 2000.



Our services are focused on Architecture, Fashion, Design and Art. Thanks to many years of experience in both residential and retail developments, we are able to approach and carry out each project with agility, time efficiency and distinctive skills. We always meet and exceed our clients’ quality and customization expectations through the contacts we established with our extensive network of skilled craftsmen and professionals in each branch of the Interior Design.
Our mission is to lead to a deep understanding of the space through an emotional experience.
Each space must allow our minds to travel and perceive each memory, perfume and emotion.
The pure poetry of living.

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